A Special Day for me

Hello Friends,

I was planning to share a small bit of happiness with all of you today. That’s when another small happening made me a little more happy. One of my previous blog post (which I shared from some other source since I liked it very much) inspired an author, Julie Zeveoff of Business Insider to refer and write about the post in Business Insider Life, Business Insider Australia, Ncwtv.com. It also reached Yahoo News. The whole point of adding the post from other sources is to spread the word and make more people read it (and when i think my blog audience will like it).  Thanks to Julie – she made sure it is spread to a LARGE crowd. 🙂

Coming to the reason of this post – it is BIG DAY for me. April 30th, 2012 was my LAST DAY at INFOSYS. I resigned Infy for Profoundis and I’m so happy today that I took the best decision of my life. (the decision was not resign Infy, but start with Profoundis). I should thank Anoop Thomas Mathew, Jofin Joseph & Nithin Sam Oommen – my fellows on the same boat. It’s our team that gave us the courage to dive to the amazing world of Entrepreneurship. The days with Profoundis is awesome, truly fantabulous – We are really enjoying the Roller Coaster Ride.

@Startup Village

@Startup Village

I will close Thanking each one of you for providing support in the form of a chat, a like or a comment. Profoundis always found encouragement around us. No words to Thank you!




Will someone steal my STARTUP IDEA?


We hear this question from many people – especially when asked to pitch the idea, be active in a community etc. I don’t think it is bad to ask this. However, it is important to think this through.

1. Just like you, there are many more with Ideas.

If you have any idea now, there is always a chance that the same occurred to someone 5 years ago (may be not 5 year… 😛 .. ). Let’s be frank here, ideas are not rare

2. Execution Matters A LOT

People who come up with an idea and who are crazy enough to bet on it and start executing truly believe in their idea. And believing in it is one of the most important things. Imagine somebody would hear about an idea but just think ‘cool, let’s make some money out of it’ and he would try to copy it. He would miss the essential, his driving force would be moneymaking, not the true believe in the idea, which makes a big difference.

3. A Startup =~ Team

More often than not, the Startup is not about the idea, not about the money – but the team. Trust me, you will change your direction (even before you know it); your ideas will seem foolish. None can steal your Startup team. Right. So don’t worry about your idea too (which you are going to change.. 😛 ..)

4. Traction is the best protection you can get

Don’t try to go behind stupid Intellectual property rights or anything similar to save your ‘precious idea’. If you are so serious about it, hit the market as soon as possible.

 Sideline Note: And yeah, no product is ready until it is shipped.

 5. Idea, Execution, team – but everything boils down to how you SELL

You know how good your idea is, but can you convince someone how good it is, make somebody bet on it. If yes, then you are the leader. No worries go ahead with your idea, execute it and sell it. J

Do tell people about your Startup idea

Actually telling people about your idea is a very important thing to do. Only in this way you’ll be able to start collecting feedback early and shape your idea into a Startup success. It is very crucial validate your idea before you build your product. And feedback is so important, just remember who came up with the hash tags on Twitter: the Twitter users.

Do our bit for India


  1. Do something: Most of us don’t do anything. Do something, anything. Don’t settle for an average life – a monotonous life. Everyday, keep thinking of doing something more. Write a blog, travel a bit, spend some money and enjoy your life. Bottomline is to do something worthwhile for others or invest in yourself. Investing in yourself will come back to the country as a resource that we have.
  2. Get your Children educated: Let our children be (and all male children that you have an influence over) to respect women.
  3. Vote –  How many of us have vote? We are like – “What difference it will make?”. But it does and that’s the only thing that does.
  4. Read the newspaper: To be frank, I don’t. But we need to. (I’m trying to change). Read about what’s happening around in our country. Have opinions about the happenings. Talk about those problems in your friend groups. I have heard that earlier campuses talked a lot on the recent happenings. But these days, we talk only about cricket and football matches. 
  5. Stop waiting for the change: No, the change wont happen. None (yes, not even government) is going to change the country the way you like it to be. So start being/bringing the change you always wanted to see.
  6. Engage in Politics: Not the cheap one within an organization, but the larger politics which is driving the country. The only way to get the corruption and no-work attitude to change is to change the brains and hands working. We need the young generation to step up, climb the steps and start driving.
  7. Don’t pay bribes: Difficult, Yes. I agree. But try your best not to give it. Atleast for making your life a bit easier, to save 5 minutes or to get a priority – don’t give a bribe. If it is a vow that you wont Pay a Bribe, Nothing like that. J
  8. Save Power: It doesn’t take so long to switch off those lights, fans, ACs, computers. Lets do it. There are far too many still waiting in our country to see the light from a bulb.
  9. Control your road rage: Our country suffers a lot of fatalities from Road Accidents. Let’s stop racing, Lets stop showing aggressions and most importantly – avoid drink & drive.
  10. Let our kids be free of shackles. Let them choose their lives careers and life partners. Lets respect their dreams and aspirations.  
  11. Stop the quarrels on religion and caste.
  12. Teach the less privileged. Take some step to impart education to the less privileged. You can sponsor them, you can join an NGO and contribute.  
  13. Keep our roads clean, dispose your garbage properly, stop spitting on the roads.
  14. Don’t do things because the bulk does it: Everyone does it – doesn’t mean it is right. Be true to your conscience. Do only those, which you feel and find true.

The list is never ending. But I leave the rest to you. You are welcome to share your points

Don’t be Afraid to Fail


For year and years, schools have trained us to be afraid and frustrated when we fail. 

Failure is a very good thing. It’s one of the best (if not the best learning). Yet rather than capitalize on it, most schools work hard to turn failure into something distasteful. And by the time people graduate, having spent most of their formative years in an institution where failure is a sin, they have a huge fear to failing.

The worst thing about our system is ranking. We’re programmed to take ranking seriously. As soon as ranking exists, we care about it – First, Second, Third, Pass/Fail. And in the worst case you fail.  

Nobody cares to think why you got an F Grade or why did you fail. Have you ever heard someone (your teacher/your parents) telling “wow.. interesting, you failed. Lets see how it happened?” We failed means, it is time of tuitions, advises, scolding, detentions and what not.

When we run a race, play a game and fail – People will come and tell. It is a game, the most important thing is to participate and failure is a natural process. They also emphasize on points that ‘only one can win, people vary in their abilities etc etc. But none of this applies when it comes to education.

They didn’t tell us that failure was a natural part of the learning process. They told us we had let them and ourselves down. We were basically told, over and over, for years, that if we got Fs, it was because we were lazy or stupid.

People (understandably) hate this so much (nobody likes anyone telling you are bad), that as soon as they can, they put themselves in a position where they never have to fail again. (Or where the chances of failing are as small as possible.) They find jobs that aren’t all that challenging after an initial learning curve. The goal, conscious or not, is to coast for the rest of one’s life.

Guys, just sit and think back – you were not afraid to fail once – long back. When you were a baby. You tried to stand up, fell down tried again, still failed – but one day you stood up. Nobody cared whether you fell down 100 times, people around you were cheering that you were standing up (successful).

Don’t be afraid to Try. Don’t be afraid to Fail. Enjoy your life. Live it the way your heart wants!

PS: I myself was a studious boy. Grew up with all the gimmicks with our education system. But whatever I learned at College/School has just given me a base. The bulk portion of my learning happened outside School and College. That’s it. Don’t worry even if you don’t understand 100 percent of Digital Signal Processing or Computer Networks. Most of the people who went before you also didn’t… J

Is ‘X’ the right place for your company? I don’t know. A few things to consider:

Ask yourself some questions and by the time you get answers, you might have reached a decision as well. 

  • Where do you want to live? Presumably you are building a company to build yourself a better life, and where you live is a big part of your life. Where iare your family and friends? What are your hobbies? Don’t move if you won’t be happy. Being successful in business and miserable in life is pointless.
  • How long do you want to do this? If you want a long career in startups, you want to be in a hub. If you just want to do this one startup, maybe not.
  • How many employees do you need? If you want to build a 10-person company you can do it anywhere. If you want to hire several thousand people like Facebook or Google did, you’ll need to be in a major startup hub.
  • Where are your partners and potential acquirers? Being close to them is a major advantage.
  • If you are a B2B company, where are your customers? You will want to be close to them, especially the larger ones and ones you want to work with when you are doing customer discovery.
  • Do you need to raise a lot of money? If so you want to be near investors. If you are starting a lifestyle business or a professional services business, being near investors is less important.
  • Is your company unique? If you are starting a “me too” company it is true you’ll have trouble standing out in Silicon Valley, but you’ll have trouble succeeding anywhere anyway.

Anything more you want to add to this? 


Profoundis Labs in Asianet Money Time, Kerala India

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