Teachers, dont try to teach students, just inspire them

Hello friends,

Our Education system is one of my topics which I keep thinking and worrying. 

In this era, anyone can argue that there are good enough sources around us to learn from that we dont need textbooks or classes. I dont disagree. Why do you want to goto classes then? I believe that, the role of the teacher has changed considerably as we progress with time. The best things a teacher in this age can do is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and get the Student to think whether he/she is INTERESTED in the subject. If the student gets inspired, then rest, (s)he will figure out.

What prompted me to write this post – once again it is QUORA. I read about – Professor Walter Lewin. Professor Emeritus at MIT. Also called as the Professor who brings Physics to Life. 

One of his quotes – “Physics Works, and I’m still alive!”

He takes a lot of effort and risk in the class. Wish I could attend one of his classes. 🙂 See the video. 

Imagine the passion, enthusiasm and love for the subject that we emulates in the class. Wow. Wish we had more of these kind of teachers and professors!



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Do our bit for India


  1. Do something: Most of us don’t do anything. Do something, anything. Don’t settle for an average life – a monotonous life. Everyday, keep thinking of doing something more. Write a blog, travel a bit, spend some money and enjoy your life. Bottomline is to do something worthwhile for others or invest in yourself. Investing in yourself will come back to the country as a resource that we have.
  2. Get your Children educated: Let our children be (and all male children that you have an influence over) to respect women.
  3. Vote –  How many of us have vote? We are like – “What difference it will make?”. But it does and that’s the only thing that does.
  4. Read the newspaper: To be frank, I don’t. But we need to. (I’m trying to change). Read about what’s happening around in our country. Have opinions about the happenings. Talk about those problems in your friend groups. I have heard that earlier campuses talked a lot on the recent happenings. But these days, we talk only about cricket and football matches. 
  5. Stop waiting for the change: No, the change wont happen. None (yes, not even government) is going to change the country the way you like it to be. So start being/bringing the change you always wanted to see.
  6. Engage in Politics: Not the cheap one within an organization, but the larger politics which is driving the country. The only way to get the corruption and no-work attitude to change is to change the brains and hands working. We need the young generation to step up, climb the steps and start driving.
  7. Don’t pay bribes: Difficult, Yes. I agree. But try your best not to give it. Atleast for making your life a bit easier, to save 5 minutes or to get a priority – don’t give a bribe. If it is a vow that you wont Pay a Bribe, Nothing like that. J
  8. Save Power: It doesn’t take so long to switch off those lights, fans, ACs, computers. Lets do it. There are far too many still waiting in our country to see the light from a bulb.
  9. Control your road rage: Our country suffers a lot of fatalities from Road Accidents. Let’s stop racing, Lets stop showing aggressions and most importantly – avoid drink & drive.
  10. Let our kids be free of shackles. Let them choose their lives careers and life partners. Lets respect their dreams and aspirations.  
  11. Stop the quarrels on religion and caste.
  12. Teach the less privileged. Take some step to impart education to the less privileged. You can sponsor them, you can join an NGO and contribute.  
  13. Keep our roads clean, dispose your garbage properly, stop spitting on the roads.
  14. Don’t do things because the bulk does it: Everyone does it – doesn’t mean it is right. Be true to your conscience. Do only those, which you feel and find true.

The list is never ending. But I leave the rest to you. You are welcome to share your points