Teachers, dont try to teach students, just inspire them

Hello friends,

Our Education system is one of my topics which I keep thinking and worrying. 

In this era, anyone can argue that there are good enough sources around us to learn from that we dont need textbooks or classes. I dont disagree. Why do you want to goto classes then? I believe that, the role of the teacher has changed considerably as we progress with time. The best things a teacher in this age can do is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and get the Student to think whether he/she is INTERESTED in the subject. If the student gets inspired, then rest, (s)he will figure out.

What prompted me to write this post – once again it is QUORA. I read about – Professor Walter Lewin. Professor Emeritus at MIT. Also called as the Professor who brings Physics to Life. 

One of his quotes – “Physics Works, and I’m still alive!”

He takes a lot of effort and risk in the class. Wish I could attend one of his classes. 🙂 See the video. 

Imagine the passion, enthusiasm and love for the subject that we emulates in the class. Wow. Wish we had more of these kind of teachers and professors!