Don’t be Afraid to Fail


For year and years, schools have trained us to be afraid and frustrated when we fail. 

Failure is a very good thing. It’s one of the best (if not the best learning). Yet rather than capitalize on it, most schools work hard to turn failure into something distasteful. And by the time people graduate, having spent most of their formative years in an institution where failure is a sin, they have a huge fear to failing.

The worst thing about our system is ranking. We’re programmed to take ranking seriously. As soon as ranking exists, we care about it – First, Second, Third, Pass/Fail. And in the worst case you fail.  

Nobody cares to think why you got an F Grade or why did you fail. Have you ever heard someone (your teacher/your parents) telling “wow.. interesting, you failed. Lets see how it happened?” We failed means, it is time of tuitions, advises, scolding, detentions and what not.

When we run a race, play a game and fail – People will come and tell. It is a game, the most important thing is to participate and failure is a natural process. They also emphasize on points that ‘only one can win, people vary in their abilities etc etc. But none of this applies when it comes to education.

They didn’t tell us that failure was a natural part of the learning process. They told us we had let them and ourselves down. We were basically told, over and over, for years, that if we got Fs, it was because we were lazy or stupid.

People (understandably) hate this so much (nobody likes anyone telling you are bad), that as soon as they can, they put themselves in a position where they never have to fail again. (Or where the chances of failing are as small as possible.) They find jobs that aren’t all that challenging after an initial learning curve. The goal, conscious or not, is to coast for the rest of one’s life.

Guys, just sit and think back – you were not afraid to fail once – long back. When you were a baby. You tried to stand up, fell down tried again, still failed – but one day you stood up. Nobody cared whether you fell down 100 times, people around you were cheering that you were standing up (successful).

Don’t be afraid to Try. Don’t be afraid to Fail. Enjoy your life. Live it the way your heart wants!

PS: I myself was a studious boy. Grew up with all the gimmicks with our education system. But whatever I learned at College/School has just given me a base. The bulk portion of my learning happened outside School and College. That’s it. Don’t worry even if you don’t understand 100 percent of Digital Signal Processing or Computer Networks. Most of the people who went before you also didn’t… J


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6 Responses to Don’t be Afraid to Fail

  1. screamingatom2013 says:

    Love you dude!. My school tried to do the same to me but i didnt give a fuck! I do not understand why many hesitate to attempt anything outside the structure. The structure of getting a degree and getting a job would be comforting and it does provide a security but i dont see the point of living today doing something you dont like to live tomorrow to do the same. If a person has a job that he loves then its gud but i dont think many are fortunate enough. People lament and search for god when they should be out of the room moving their ass to build value around their passion. If you are inspired by anything, i say you get out, see what can sell in that domain, build something, do, drive action, scale, create impact, build value, monetize then go home! As simple as that!.

  2. Rajeef says:

    “Nobody cares to think why you got an F Grade or why did you fail. Have you ever heard someone (your teacher/your parents) telling “wow.. interesting, you failed. Lets see how it happened?” We failed means, it is time of tuitions, advises, scolding, detentions and what not.”


    Inspiring Article !!

  3. To fail is not the worst thing. What makes it worst is the comparison that is followed after it. Not just your family or your society starts comparing you with your sibling, cousins or may be the neighborer’s kid who performed better than you; but you, yourself start comparing yourself with everybody around who is may be at a more comfortable position than you. This is “the comparison” and the guilt that creeps in after it which makes you feel all dejected and further kills the will to better yourself and stand up again ! So yeah, I believe both, the failure and the comparison, are the partners in crime ! 😀

    Also, there is one quote that always inspires me ! I would like to share with you,
    “The true beauty of phoenix lies not in its fiery and majestic aura but in its ability to rise from ashes again and yet again ! ”

    With this I would say, well written ! Good luck ! 🙂

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