Christmas Days – 24th and 25th of 2012

Hello World,

Christmas this year wasn’t very cheerful for me majorly due to retirement of Sachin. However, today was really good… and yeah, tomorrow is even more exciting it seems.. 🙂 


Started a late day, following up with some random work for my Startup ( had some really good food (at home.. 😛 ). After lunch, went for Badminton with my best pals – Jerrin, Jinil, Sarath and Hari. We played to close to around 4 hours it seems. We were all down by the end.. But we didnt stop planning… Planned up a second show movie – the movie was really bad BTW- Nevertheless it was fun and fun with only very few of us in the theatre.. 😛

Tomorrow – The Xmas day – May be I will wake up late… I have a badminton tournament (simple one, not hifi stuff)… Then a get-together with some of my best friends.. and yeah, we have the Christmas Bash at a nearby place… 🙂 

Looking for a great end for 2012 and a brighter start for 2013 – for all.. 🙂 

Bye.. TC and Enjoy to the fullest… 🙂 


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