One of the Sad Days- Sachin Retires from ODI Cricket

Hello World,

Greatest Tribute India gave to him

I’m blogging today since I find nothing else to do. My mind is not upto anything at the moment. I was a child – in Kerala, India, like many other places, Cricket was a religion. It was everywhere, 3 Stumps (some random stick), a bat (made of some wood) and a ball (rubber, tennis or Stitch). We played in streets, grounds, terraces and even in rooms. Like, for most of the Cricket lovers in India, there was this man who inspired me- The Little Master, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

I’m seeing this man ever since I remember. He was always young for me – his child like face and voice always reminded a young boy, even now when he is almost 40. He made me happy, so many times ,with his perfect straight drives, cover drives, hook shots and his centuries. Only he could make me tensed – when he batted, I crossed my fingers. My childhood memories are always cherished with a lot of his innings which I enjoyed with all my friends in my house. We danced, jumped and roared for him.

As I grew, Tendulkar grew as the role model for me – for his commitment, love for India, dedication, performing under pressure and his near perfection (We call Perfection as God and hence India calls Sachin as God). He is a person to look at – even at the pinnacle of the world, he kept low, as humble as ever.

All of us knew that this was due since he is a human, but at this moment, my mind is still not able to adjust. I’m a Sachinist bcoz Cricket will not be Same for me Before and After Sachin. Yes, Sachin left the ODI field and Cricket has changed for me – forever.

I can keep writing, for pages and pages – but concluding with my humble Tribute to one of the Greatest who touched lives on this Globe. Thank you Sachin.



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