A day at Tirunelveli

Well. Aug 2nd, I travelled to Infant Jesus Engineering College, Tirunelveli for a one day session, once again for IEEE.. 🙂

ImageThe Session was “Being an IEEEian leading to success”. The happy thing about the invitation to this event was that, I was invited by Major Chandrasekhar Sir who is Hon Secretary and Student ActiviteS Chair of IEEE Madras section. The event was meant to cater to one of the largest crowd I have ever been with- 800 people – Forenoon and afternoon together.







As I get more and more opportunities to Interact ImageImagewith our Students in India, I can’t help, but note that, the exposure level of our Students are dangerously low. Engineering Students are far from actually being engaged in a professional course. The problem is standing as a mammoth in front of all of us.. 😦 On the positive note, I was happy to see that over 70 percent (approx) of the crowd have online presence.






The session was enjoyable. Infant Jesus management was very supportive. With a dynamic and young Director leading the Pack, the college really wants to do better things for their students. I should thank Subash sir who actually did the hard work in co-ordinating with me and offering exceptional hospitality.

And like any other IEEE event, I received a lot of FB requests.. 🙂 Not sure as to when my next trip will be and to where it will be. However, I think I should limit my trips a bit more.. 🙂

Until we meet next, take care world… 🙂



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