Back to my College – CEC for IEEE All Kerala WIE Day

Hello World,

Today, I’m indeed happy to pen down. After a few months, I went back to my College – College of Engineering Chengannur. The new block of the college – wow – it was dream come true to see it.. 🙂

The IEEE All Kerala WIE Day – Indeed a remarkable vision, initiative and efforts from the IEEE Volunteers of IEEE CEC. An event to empower WIE (Girl) volunteers through a series of competitions and inetractions with personalities from different aspects of like. I should thanks the team for inviting me to the handle a session on ‘Introduction to Corporate World’ to the students. The crowd that i got was amazing. The session was one of the better ones. 🙂

Catching up with so many of my juniors (College and IEEE) was again something t felt happy about.

Wishing that we have more of these kind of initiatives in the future as well..

Bye!!!.. 🙂


Placement Training Presentation

<a href=”

” title=”Placement Training”>Placement Training

My Training PPT which I used at Sathyabhama University, Chennai.

After the Chennai Visit

Hello World,

The 4 days at Chennai were awesome. 3 days at Sathyabhama University for the Placement drive and 1 day with all my friends and yeah, I caught up with Rakesh(Raku- he is in Mysore Infy these days and I don’t get to meet him). IEEE Madras section Student Team were making me feel good (as always) – Anand, Nivas, Harini, Salma, Apoorva, Sharon, Arun, Niveditha. It was nice to catch up yet again with my long time friends – Barnabas and Felix…:)

The placement drive for around 50+ Students was a good experience for me too. However, I can’t help, but notice the Lack of Basics for our Engineering Students. Having worked with Engineering Students for the last 6 years(with IEEE), I have always seen and known this issue. Though we have a team(in IEEE which I’m also a part of) addressing this problem, we are far far from done. Probably we all need to put in more thoughts as how each of us can contribute to India’s Education System.

That was the closure note… Bye..:)

Travelling to Chennai – July 11th

Hello World,


How much ever I try, regular blogging has been tricky. This is yet another trial. I’m yet to pen down a lot of happenings in between (which I will do soon).


I’m travelling to Chennai once again (2 weeks back, I was there for 2 days). This time, it is to handle a 3 day placement training workshop at Sathyabhama University. The event is being organised by the Madras Student Activities Team (formely GINI MAS Team).As with any other IEEE event, I expect a mindblowing 3 days.

After that, I will be going to be with my friends at MM Nagar. I heard that Raku (Rakesh -2010 CEC) is at Chennai this weekend. Hope to catch up with him as well.


Let this be short and Sweet.. Bubye.. 🙂