IEEE GINI Webinar Test Run

Hello world,

Today is a happy day!. We had the First GINI Webinar Test Run Today. The idea is a series of Webinars customized for Engineering Students of India and Pakistan. This idea has come up due to the gap between what ordinary Webinars Deliver-How much our students can Understand-Communication issues with a foreign speaker.

We hope to bridge the gap with the Webinar Series. The Webinar is hosted in association and support with IEEE eLearning Library( who is providing us with the necassary Webinar (or rather a smart Classroom) Infrastruture through Elluminate. It is a wondeful tool and very inuitive as well.

Thanks to Prasanna Venkatesan who is the backbone of GINI initiative and this particular idea, Jaison Abey Sabu, who leads the initiative along with me, Nithin George and Lakshmi Prasannakumar, who does the selfless volunteering to actually make it happen. 🙂

We hope to kick off with the first Webinar as soon as possible. Hoping that the series will meet its objective. Any queries, feel free to write to me at rarjunpillai[at]ieee[dot]org…:)

Bye for noooow… 🙂


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