What do I do these days!

Hello world,

I’m a person who wants something to look forward to, may it be small or large. This dream of future drives me and keeps me vitalised.

I’m an MBA aspirant who likes to keep myself as much engaged as possible. I love following technologies in Electronics and Computer domains. I follow the innovation by Google, Apple etc etc.. 🙂

I’m presently employed with the IT Giant Infosys Ltd-MCity, Chennai, India as System Engineer in SAP Business Intelligence/Business Objects. I stay with my friends Ashish, Deepak, Deepu, Jithesh, Rakesh, Ramalingam and Vishnu. All except Ashish are my friends for the last 4 years right from College itself and Ashish blends in nicely with our group. This is the company that I’m most comfortable with. I’m happy!!!.. 🙂

As I have mentioned earlier, I still continue my journey with IEEE, which is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  Presently, I dedicate my time for the following

A Focus group within IEEE working for the underserved class of humanity by helping out with Technological solutions. I am fortunate enough to work with very experienced volunteer, Mr. Amarnath Raja, Mr. Sasi P M etc. We do have a great team that drives this noble cause. I’m also involved in driving the initiative in IEEE Kerala Section, India

  •  IEEE Asia Pacific (Region 10) Student Activities Committee(www.r10sac.org)

I have been working with the Region 10 Student activities for the last 2 years mainly for Global Integrated of IEEE (GINI). GINI is a networking Initiative to build a network of the IEEE student Branches (Colleges) across the Asia Pacific Region. We aim to build a peer-to-peer network thereby ensuring sharing of best practises, maximum utilization of resources, foster industry-academia relation etc etc.

I like to contribute in any field as far as it positively impacts somebody’s life.  Looking for more opportunities to contribute. You have anything for me? do let me know

Bubye for now.. 🙂



About Arjun
I'm currently running my Startup - Profoundis (www.profoundis.com). My FB - https://www.facebook.com/rarjunpillai My LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=79711386&trk=tab_pro

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