My College-CEC

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My College-CEC

Where should I start? I think I should start where I identified me. Like many of us, I too started reading myself in my college.-College of Engineering Chengannur (CEC), Alleppey, Kerala, India. Four very short years of my B.Tech, the most memorable days of my life.  I was part of the AAAWESOME 2010 Passout Batch in Electronics Department.

I got almost everything, if not everything, from my college. Friends, knowledge, identity, Love, appreciations, criticisms, advises, curses (:P). Yes everything.

If I start noting down everything about our CEC here, I will be writing a marathon post here. To name a few, I enjoyed our MH, our class, PISTA, Sports, IEEE, NSS, hanging out with friends, Combined studies and what not.

To name a few who have made significant change in my life,

-Devassia Sir -Our principal(who is kind enough to have a good opinion about me which gave me a lot of confidence)

-Prijoe Philips (who gave me the confidence that I can do it and who corrected my mistakes when it mattered the most),

-Jaison Abey Sabu (who taught me How Not to React to situations),

-Arunanand (who taught me the basics of writing a word document),

-ATM (who is always an extraordinary brain and exceptional friend),

-Vishnu Sree(who taught me that exams are being conducted to make us win and not to lose, So no tensions),

-Mamboo (who actually hated me like hell and who openly told me. 🙂 ) 

-Manu Raj (who taught me to work without expecting anything back)

Deepak, Deepu, Ramalingam, Koora, Rahul, Echayan (Dawns), Jithesh, Alok, Suma, Arun M and many more.  I know I have missed people here. Not intentional. I will keep adding.. 🙂

Deepak, Raman, Vishnu, Deepu– These are the people who are part of myself for the last many years. (Even now, we are roomies …)

It will be unfair if I don’t write about IEEE-CEC here. It gave me the platform for dreaming freely and pursue those dreams. Thanks to all my seniors starting from Biju Raj, Anil Ramachandran, Dipu Jose, Kiran C, Prijoe, Soby, Seenu Crispin, Jaison, Midhun, Shaun Thomas, Bastian. When I came to CEC, IEE-CEC already had many glories to its name. My seniors had already proved that anything is possible at CEC. I heard many stories about our seniors who took pains to establish the Student Branch. I derived my inspiration from them. Thanks to the team which I was a part of Rahul Raj, Ajin Baby, Alok, Pratibha, Rahul Ramesh etc etc. I’m sure IEEE-CEC will climb to greater heights. 🙂

I’m obliged and Indebted to CEC. Still willing to offer my 2 Cent service wherever possible to

My college-MY CEC- My Home away from Home-Love You CEC!!!


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